Fortune Investment & Development Corporation (FIDC), formerly known as Ever Fortune Company, is a family-owned Taiwanese company in doing business like heavy-equipment rental and general contractor, building dock, roadways as well as building hotels and apartments. FIDC is proudly registered under Foreign Investment Board (FIB) since 1998. Today we have grown to become one of the largest general contractors in Palau, responsible for some of the most challenging projects.
           We have begun our operations in Palau from 1998. During 16 years operation, we have constructed and involved in the development of many states in the Republic of Palau, namely in Ngaraard State, Ngardmau State, Ngiwal State, Melekeok State, Ngchesar State, Aimeliik State, Airai State, Ngaremlengui State, Koror State and Peleliu State. And we have very good relationship with other private business partners and were helping them to build up their apartments, hotel, renovation of the building or office, namely like the newly five star resort, Palau Royal Resort & recently installation of Solar Panels & Solar St. Lights in different state of Palau.
        We take special pride in our ability to meet our clients’ schedule, budget, and quality expectations here in Palau. We have the knowhow, resources and experience to complete our construction projects quickly and professionally despite the unique weather, communications and logistic challenges one must face on these remote and tropical island.
         We are looking forward to Palau’s future development and new business opportunities. We are certainly willing to assist potential clients with project budget estimates, and of course, are very happy to bid on tendered work. FIDC are ready for any construction needs and will grow with the people and nation of the Republic of Palau.
           Our Mission is “Be a partner in the economic thrust of the Republic of Palau via direct participant in the nationwide development.”

"A partner in the economic thrust of the Republic of Palau via direct participant in the nationwide development"